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I'm a big fan of animation and whatnot, most recently I've been looking more into anime/manga.

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Terror in Resonance Episode 3 - Courting and Trauma



Like many shows this season, Terror in Resonance is playing out in increments. Episodic reflections feel unsatisfactory for this series. Story threads keep fading in and out in a way that presumes immediate engagement with the whole work, like a film presented 20 minutes at a time. It also…

I feel like doing that “unpopular opinion” meme thing again


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I can’t unsee Jeri as Mako, and I don’t want to.

File under: I’m sure I’ve reblogged this before but it’s still worth it

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Send me a couple numbers to find out:

Have you ever:

1. Skipped class?

2. Done drugs?

3. Self harmed?

4. Drank?

5. Shoplifted?

6. Gotten a tattoo?

7. Broken up with someone?

What's your favorite:

8. Show?

9. Movie?

10. Song?

11. Tumblr?

12. Singer/Band?

13. Memory?

14. Book?

This or that:

15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?

16. Cookies or Cake?

17. Twitter or Facebook?

18. Movies or Books?

19. Coke or Sprite?

20. Blind or Deaf?

21. Tea or Coffee?

What's your:

22. Age?

23. Sign?

24. Height?

25. Sexual orientation?

26. Shoe size?

27. Religion?

28. Longest relationship?

Opinion on:

29. Gay rights?

30. Second chances?

31. Long distance relationships?

32. Abortion?

33. The death penalty?

34. Marijuana ?

35. Love?

Do you:

36. Believe in ghost?

37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?

38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?

39. Love someone?

40. Still watch cartoons?

41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

42. Like yourself?

Just Realized

this is my 1000th Tumblr post. 

I feel I should post something auspicious to celebrate.


I love it when people call me “bitter” for not liking something that they do. The irony is dancing in front of them, naked, on fire, and juggling chainsaws, and they still don’t get it.

hey man we need as much irony as we can get this echo chamber won’t insulate itself.

malcolmloo asked
One of the big differences between a VA and other storytelling mediums is that your protagonist is partially an avatar for the player. Was it a challenge to make the Dawn have a personality but leave her with a blank enough slate? Or is it essentially like writing several different characters depending on game route?


Well, I have a couple advantages in structure when it comes to Dawn.

She doesn’t start out as a complete blank slate, she’s just sort of a muted version of herself, and doesn’t really remember who she’s supposed to be. It’s not amnesia, just “existential anesthesia,” I guess. There’s a reason for this that has to do with the secret of the mansion.

So she starts out the same no matter what you do, which is “studious wallflower,” but because of the premise, there’s a delay between the choices you have her make and how it changes her overall character direction. The player’s choices don’t change her personality *immediately,* because for the most part she’s still figuring all of that out, and she’s more focused on the mystery of the house and coping with its hazards and the trauma they’ll end up inducing as early as the morning of Day 1.

But the number of choices you’ve made will really start to stack up and paint a distinct picture of a person by Day 3, so that’s when those decisions will firmly alter how Dawn expresses herself and what her ultimate fate is.

— Hope C.