This is mostly a place where I catalog jokes and gifs. And by that I mean it's a place where I reblog anime gifs on a horrendously constant basis.

I'm a big fan of animation and whatnot, most recently I've been looking more into anime/manga.

Favorite titles include: Serial Experiments Lain, BECK Mongolian Chop Squad, Midori Days, Mawaru Penguindrum, Kyousougiga, and Paranoia Agent



They're called 'Un' and infect animal hosts.
Did you know there's a part of the ear that resembles a snail?
A starved Un will leave it's shell, infest in that organ, and consume all sounds.

Anon or not, make me choose between:

Show: _______ or ________ ?

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Pairing: _________ or _________ ?

Anything: ________ or _________ ?

Nisekoi (ニセコイ) - Episode. 14: Tachibana Marika (橘万里花)